Annual conferences

The Oslo meeting

The Oslo meeting

Inaugural annual workshop
Thon Hotel Opera Oslo, 28 - 29 October 2009



  • For European Physician Health Services and individuals around Europe working in the field of physicians’ health to meet, share experiences and discuss opportunities for joint working
  • To consider how members of the European Association for Physician Health will work together

Attendees came from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Keynote speaker: Torunn Janbu


Speakers at the meeting were:

The Barcelona meeting

Healthy Physicians for a Healthy Society

This major international conference took place in Barcelona from 1 to 3 December 2010. 


Hosted by the Galatea Foundation, the conference attracted 98 delegates from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA

The conference conclusions were:

  • Priority for promotion of health and wellbeing for health professionals
  • Early detection to prevent problems before they occur
  • Improvement of the caring programmes
  • Diffusion of EAPH aims
  • Promote involvement in the EAPH of members from all European countries
  • Design of multicentric studies at European level in order to obtain funds from EU
  • Involvement of policy makers, boards, institutions
  • Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency of interventions and their outcomes
  • Outcomes should favour human aspects, not only economic aspects
  • Support human and social capital
  • Hospital managers should care more for physicians’ health, but they are not the only ones
  • Interventions to focus on individuals, as well as organizations
  • Using the health professional information to help all healthcare staff
  • Encourage peer groups support
  • Early detection in medical students


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The Salzburg meeting

Challenges of change – how to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing workplace
26-27 September 2011, Salzburg


Keynote speakers were:

  • Dr Julia Whiteman, London - Meeting the challenges of change: my story so far
  • Peter Hofmann, Graz - Are doctors different?
  • Dr Rhona Knight, London - Training doctors to treat colleagues

Plenary sessions

Session 1: Regulation across Europe and North America
Facilitated by:

  • Dr Richard Brennan, Medical Council, Dublin
  • Anna Rowland, General Medical Council, London
  • Prof Olaf Aasland, Norwegian Medical Association, Oslo
  • Wilfried Kunstmann, Berlin - Substance abuse among doctors in Germany - problem size and interventions (PPT)

Session 2 
Facilitated by:

  • Tuva Kolstad Hertzberg, Oslo - Work-home interference predicts burnout in Norwegian doctors: a 15-year follow-up study
  • Manel Salamero, Barcelona - Student’s health
  • Dr Edgar Voltmer, Friedensau - A comparison of job satisfaction and effort-reward imbalance between German and Norwegian physicians in private practice (PPT)
  • Karin Isaksson Rø, Oslo - Sick leave after a counseling intervention prevents later burnout: A three-year follow-up study of Norwegian doctors

Session 3: Doctors treating colleagues
Facilitated by:

  • Dr Michael Peters, London - Doctors as patients: where we go wrong
  • Dr Andree Rochfort, Dublin - The primary care approach
  • Dr Pilar Lusila, Barcelona - Psychiatrists treating doctors

Session 4: Central European perspective on prevention and treatment
Facilitated by:

The Dublin meeting

The Dublin meeting

EAPH conference 2013 - 11 and 12 April


The conference was entitled 'Keeping Doctors Healthy - A European Perspective'.

Click here for more information including presentations and photos.

The Barcelona meeting

The Barcelona meeting

EAPH conference 2015 - 20th and 21st April





Opening lecture “The health footprint of a healthy doctorDr. Peter Anderson

Oral Presentations topic 1:

Building health and resilience in medical school


Oral Presentations topic 2:

Professional resilience in a changing health care system


Oral Presentations topic 3:

Personal resilience and the health of doctors



The Paris meeting

The Paris meeting

EAPH conference 2017 - 24th and 25st April




Oral presentations (authorised)
24th April

Room Bruxelles



Room Dublin



Room Athènes


Room Copenhague


25th April

Room Bruxelles


Room Dublin



Room Athènes